Friday, September 25, 2009

Time warp

If you're visiting for the first time: I've just returned to St. Petersburg after a summer away.

Everything is familiar yet strange at the same time. I do everything automatically, because I have learned it...yet it feels like I'm in a dream.

I know I've slept in this bed before. But I got used to the other room. I wake up confused because instead of the wall being on my left, there is a wardrobe. And instead of a desk to my right, there's a bookcase.

The people are the same too, except for the fact that four months of life have gone by...


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I just found your blog through Boundless. I live in Moscow, teaching at an int'l school and working with church youth groups. Keep shining Christ's love in St. Pete!

  2. Да, у меня всегда странное ощущение, когда я захожу в свою комнату после отсутствия.
    Конечно, Παντα ρει... Нельзя войти в одну и ту же комнату дважды :)
    Однако ощущение именно возврата во времени.

  3. I can't believe I happened across your blog (through YLCF). I hope to be a missionary teacher, hopefully in Russia, someday. Your blog is such an amazing resource and encouragement to me. Thank you for all the helpful information you post!

  4. Welcome!!!! Glad you made it safely--even if your gift of pb didn't. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Да, наверное, было бы еще страннее, если бы ничего не изменилось.

    Hi Amy, it sounds like we have a lot in common! I posted a comment on your blog.

    Nice to meet you, Abbie. May God guide your next steps!

    Karen, I hope to see you likewise! Maybe I will get to see your new apartment. ;)

  6. Hey Welcome back! Hope to run into you often : )


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