Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's a boy, but...

It's interesting how the gender scan and anatomy scan take place simultaneously (the ultrasound, that is), so just as the unborn baby starts to take on an imagined personality, you may get devastating news about his development. That's not meant to be a complaint, just an observation.

But I suppose it was always that way. Before ultrasounds, you found out your baby's gender and his overall condition on the day of his birth, not before. And there was always the mixture of feelings, but it was still a gift of life.

After finding out we were having a boy, the ultrasound technician went on to check all the major organs, each time mentioning what COULD go wrong, but then mentioning that ours was normal. Then at one point she noticed something.

"Hmmmm, there's a something something. Very interesting. Let's hope that's the only anomaly." Ummm, what?

Then the machine broke.

Andrei hastily grabbed a paper towel to cover me up as someone came in to look at the machine. Then he took the moment to ask the technician what she had seen.

"There's a cyst on the something something,"she said.

The machine started up again and then broke again, but she had gotten all the measurements and we were ready to go home, even without the freaky alien fancy advanced imagery.

I got home and looked up the umbilical cord cyst (you can see a bubble in the pictures).

I did a tiny bit of research and decided there wasn't anything helpful online. The doctor never called to offer additional testing or anything, not that we would have done it anyway.

It's interesting how the baby makes his presence felt. In the first trimester you feel yucky, so you know something's going on, and in the second trimester you start showing and then you feel him kicking, so you know he's still in there.

After waiting a month and going to the next check-up, I asked the doctor about the cyst and she said they had recommended doing another ultrasound later on; that is, in May.

For now, we are both doing well!

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