Monday, June 21, 2010

Journey to the land of Elama ("life")

If you've been following Mike's blog or the Bull Herd, you might have heard of Elama. If not, by way of explanation, it is a piece of land containing an old campground that we've been allowed to use free of charge for ministry purposes.

Taking care of a piece of land 2 hours away is a big commitment, but most local churches around here wouldn't even be able to come close to purchasing something like this, so it is a blessing not taken for granted.

The time investment has been very rewarding, as summer camps have been run here for the past few years and families have been able to come out for a weekend or short vacation. Continue reading/-

I hadn't been there for two years, when we had a work day out there shortly before I left for Africa. I mentioned it briefly here. 

I don't have too many pictures from the early years, but I went out there last weekend, and, wow...what a difference! It had previously been all overgrown and run-down. Now there are lots of details that make a difference: new paint jobs; pictures on the walls; dishes; long tables for eating; a sandbox to play in...

 And, best of all, friends to have fellowship with!


  1. Free of charge? Wow! God will provide for those who really trust Him!
    Keep trusting and serving: your work is not in vain. Lovely blog!

  2. That sounds heavenly! Which is the idea, I suppose! Need caretakers? I'm experiencing such a longing-for-Russia right now, I can hardly stand it.

  3. Thanks, Lauralea. The first group of kids will get there soon.

    It's very much an exchange as we are doing the beautifying and care-taking. Annie, if you could use it, I'm sure we could work something out!


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