Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's a slow spring.

As proof, I can testify that about 10 minutes passed after I typed the first sentence and before I typed this one.

Whenever I am confused about a season in life or time of year, I take a little peek back to the previous year to see how I was coping.

Amid the usually spring frolicking, it seems that I was keeping quite busy.

This year, with the kids leaving for camp and my being in-between bureaucratic processes, everything feels more laid back. Even my teachers have been canceling class on occasion...caught by the spring bug? Someone reading this might be envious. Judging from your Facebook comments about your exams, wedding plans, and house purchases, perhaps you would like to be in my place.

I like being in my place. I just don't know what it is for. But, I have a few more weeks to enjoy whatever it is, and then it's home for a new visa...my last one?

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