Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Twilight Zone

Getting ready to go to Africa is a very strange feeling! I don't know why it seems so different from the rest of the world, but I will soon find out.

Today, however, I found myself outside of St.Petersburg at the site of a future camping ground. We were clearing the area to make it usable. While we were there, everyone starting receiving phone calls that there had been a radiation spill. Another call confirmed that it had been on the news and that Russians were being advised to stay home and drink a special milk concoction.

Meanwhile, we had a cookout and got acquainted with a lizard named Sasha (so named by the 5-yr-old) whose mother tongue is Finnish.

I started taking anti-malarial pills yesterday. There are warnings written all over the container, and I thought it would have a strange effect on me, like turn me into a frog or something. But so far, all is well.

Now I still need to gather my things, and more importantly, my thoughts!

I'll see my family soon! :)


  1. When do you leave for Africa? Have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics of the wedding!

  2. I hope to hear all about it. How long do you stay? I hope the radiation spill is false!


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