Friday, June 18, 2010

New Russian citizens (do's and don'ts)

Moscow officials are working on preparing a little "welcome" packet for people newly settling in the area, explaining how they can assimilate more effectively.

The pamphlet will include "recommendations" on how to behave oneself appropriately in the nation's capital.

Apparently, such a codex had already been drafted in St. Petersburg, but didn't quite make it to print. However, various efforts to improve on behavior sometimes pop up in the form of public service announcements, reminding people to help the elderly and be polite.

The Moscow variant (as suggested by Mikhail Solomentsev) will include such advice as "Don't carve meat on the street outside your building, don't grill shishkabobs on the porch, don't wear your native costume, speak Russian..." (loosely translated by yours truly).

The question is, do all these people WANT to be integrated?

-source: Metro St. Petersburg, 17 June 2010

P.S. Apparently I'm not the first to pick up this story. Here's another version:

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  1. I absolutely refuse to give up killing the sheep in my dvor. I can't get through a day without that...and I don't think the authorities should expect me to...;)))


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