Monday, June 28, 2010

Suitcase mood

When someone's getting antsy to depart, Russians say that he is in a "suitcase mood."

As usual, my approaching trip has manifested itself in sleepless nights, cold symptoms, and mountains of laundry. Plus a giddy fit or two of gladness over seeing my family soon and having a new apartment to move into when I get back.

I had one final class today, which ended rather anticlimactically. I got home and moved approximately two items in the direction of my suitcase before gravitating towards the computer and breaking down in tears over this blog. You should check it out; just keep some tissues handy as it is a quite raw and poignant account of a missionary experience.

But blogging and the IKEA site must wait; it's time to get organized...


  1. "Suitcase mood" -- It fits. Glad you'll be with your family's southern contingent for the 4th - enjoy! And safe travels. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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