Thursday, June 17, 2010

The new me

I have been challenged in some new ways this (school) year. There are certain things that no one else can do for you; times that no one can shield you from potential harm (or embarrassment) except the Lord. It's like going to the dentist. Someone can hold your hand, numb the pain, try to distract you, but it's you there in the chair.

Well, the new things that I tried this year did not turn out to be nearly as hard as expected.

As I stood in line to apply for residency, I questioned many times what I was doing there...not because of the decision itself, but because I was uncertain about my capabilities. God gave me SO many helpers along the way. But in general, my Russian friends couldn't answer my questions; nor could Americans who had been in my place, since the process had changed slightly. It was just a step I had to take, to see if I could go a little further in life. read more/-

While living in another country, you can have a false sense of confidence. Just because you can get into the "role" each day doesn't mean that you really fit in. It is good to have reminders of our weaknesses and of how much we have left to learn. But at the same time the fears can be false, too. Maybe the dreaded "bureaucracy" isn't quite so scary. Annoying, yes, but nothing to fear.

I found myself calling real estate agents for the first time, inquiring about apartments for rent. I had never really had the need to do it before, but it's turning out to be another learning experience, and a test of faith.

Those goals that seem unreachable may become a reality, more easily or quickly than we think.


  1. Well, I hope you share all about your apartment hunt! I want photos of every one you visit. Your "on the street in St. Pete" stories are always so much fun for those of us who just want to live vicariously!

  2. Stay tuned!

    I only looked at one so far, and it was pretty nice, but they wanted a married couple.

    But a common occurring theme is... Evroremont! Yuck.


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