Thursday, June 24, 2010


During the Christmas/New Year's season, our church has everyone write down 3 prayer requests on paper flower petals, and the next year, we look at them again to see how God helped us in those areas throughout the year.

I’ll admit it, I haven’t participated. It seemed a little too formulaic and I was afraid if I wrote something too personal, it would somehow be discovered by someone else…I brought the “flower” home, but never ended up writing down my main prayer requests, even though I had a few in mind.

This morning I was leaving early and grabbed an envelope to use for cash, because I was going to pay the deposit for a new rental apartment.

I thought the envelope was empty, but when I opened it to put the money inside, a flower fell out… Continue/-

Still blank, but my need for housing definitely would have occupied one of the petals. It was a reminder of who my Supplier is.


  1. Now, I'm kind of disappointed. I wanted to hear how God had answered your prayers. I like it - and my first thought (my church is too big) was to think I might use this idea within our RE program. But, you are right in a way. I suppose I don't care for the "God as wish-fulfiller" image. Still, God does answer prayers. Is there a service or sermon that puts people in the correct frame of mind for this activity? And in what context are the flowers examined?

    You are supposed to be sharing your apartment hunt in detail (with photos).

  2. I know what you mean, Annie. And sometimes the answer is "no." I just thought it was interesting that the flower reappeared on that particular day.

    I think it is okay to ask people to list 3 (or another number of) needs or 3 friends to pray for or 3 things to be thankful for. And I think it is okay to pray specifically. Specific prayers are good. But it is not a fast-food order, it is supplication to the Almighty God. Only He knows what we truly need.

    The detailed version (with photos) is almost done...


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