Monday, June 1, 2009

Travel habits

Whenever I'm getting ready to go on a long trip, I get these bursts of nesting/creativity and start projects that are impossible to finish. I remember one year deciding to make Advent gifts for everyone before leaving for Christmas.

I would like to point out, however, that the projects are not always my idea! They just seem to surface at the last minute.

This time, I was asked to collect the rest of my belongings from the apartment where I used to live. I had left a lot of things behind because I was going from living in a 3-rm flat to a 1-rm.

If I had had time to sort through it all, I would have found that I could give most of it away, or box it up nicely and ask someone to store it on their porch. Key word being "time." Some of it I had to just dump back into plastic bags and hide under the furniture.

It was actually fun to be reunited with some interesting items, like all the change from when I first moved to Russia and was very clumsy with counting out unfamiliar currency. I also got my beads, which came in handy for visiting the orphanage. And there are also the odd mementos such as receipts from shopping in Spain, that I just can't bear to throw away yet.

I also embarked on a few cooking adventures. A few days ago I had the sudden urge to make calzones. Every time I make something like that, I think, never again. So much time for something that you gobble up quickly!

Then there were the elaborate Sunday school props. You get the idea. But I'm actually storing up creative energy for summer. I have a few art projects planned.

And now, here I am blogging. Time to go finish packing!


  1. What ARE those strange things?

    I woke up this morning thinking... yep, all I want is kolzonies... No, colsonies. No, no, calzones. I think I've got it right this time!

    Mmmm... I like strange foods. Makes me hungry for Chinese yet again.

  2. Oh, I know exactly what you mean about the elaborate cooking! Either it is gobbled up quickly, or isn't quite as nice as you hoped (once you are hot, exhausted and have a trashed kitchen). Still...after a while, I'm always ready to try the pelmeni or the pirogi once again!

  3. Vitali-it's like pirogi, but Italian. They sell them at most pizza places. You should try it sometime!


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