Sunday, June 21, 2009

Irksome blogging technicalities that no one has time for

Yep, I ended that post title above with a preposition.

But seriously, if any of you know enough to play around with your Blogger template...

My issue right now is that I've been admiring the "read more" feature in Wordpress that can be added to the end of long posts. And I really wish Blogger had the same feature. Maybe they're working on it, but who knows how long it will take.

Right now, I have to constantly adjust the number of posts shown on the page, because I have no way of "hiding" part of the post and showing just a preview. Therefore, they're all different lengths.

I've tried a few widgets and have not had success. Maybe someone out there has been more successful?



  2. Да, то, что нужно. Ты пробовал?

  3. Работает! Спасибо! :)

  4. Liz, do not change anything. People are not stupid, they can soak in a lot of info at a time. I would suggest you to keep at least 3 posts (doesn't matter how long) for each page. It will make your blog more interactive. You seem to want to avoid interactiveness on your blog trying to keep it interesting at the same time. Doesn't work that way. You are not planning to post a whole book on your blog, are you? If not there's no reason to change it. The more - the better when it comes to promoting something. Do not shoot yourself in the foot.

    Keep three (3) posts on the same page. At least. Doesn't matter how long they are.

  5. I agree, more posts on the main page is better.


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