Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enjoying my usual morning cup of ....skeleton?

As I was pouring myself a hot drink on this chilly day, I fell victim to the practical joke that's been in the family for awhile.

It all started with an unwanted brussel sprout (can you make that singular?) that was left in a mug as a joke. A few other "gifts" were left, and eventually Mr. Corpse became the permanent resident, to be found in one of the mugs at any given moment.

It's fun when these things resurface. This one and the carrot always make me laugh.


  1. I will be honest with you, this sounds a bit freaky to me. I would not expect this from you or your family. Is that really something you do to each other and have fun about it?

    Of course, we are all different and unique. Each family has something interesting, only they can identify with, going on within their clan, but still I am a bit confused.

    I would probably puke if I saw THAT in my cup of coffee. Or ran away for a mile, until I was out of breath.

    Who started this strange game within your clan? What fun is behind it? I am just being curious.


  2. Vitali, do you have any siblings? :)

  3. A fake fly in an ice cube or in a cup of coffee, maybe.

    I am the youngest in my family, so I grew up very much sheltered from anything bad and upsetting. I had two sisters to take care of me since I was very young. So... yes, I have siblings and no, they would think twice doing something like this to me. I am a spoiled brat, those things do not fly with me easily.

  4. I am trying to see this from Vitali's point of view, and I think he is focused on the skeleton thing - like it's a curse.

    I didn't think of it that way at all since for a LONG time my husband and I had a thing very like this going with a plastic frog. I feel so badly that froggie was apparently put somewhere that ended up being fatal to his health, as he disappeared, never to be seen again. Some person who bought shoes at the St. Vincent de Paul Society probably wonders why there was a frog in the toe. That was fun, though.

    I went back to the carrot and laughed again.

  5. It's definitely a little disturbing, which is why I was quick to explain. It makes me laugh mainly because it reminds me of my brothers. If it weren't associated with someone I knew it would probably be creepy. What sick person would do that?

  6. In my "adult" household for a long time, it was a rubber lobster...in the laundry; staring out from the refrigerator; tucked just under the pillow; in the silverware drawer...


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