Friday, June 19, 2009

Только раз в году

Yesterday was my birthday. My Russian friends decided to begin congratulating me at 4pm the day before, so I felt like I had two birthdays.

I decided to sleep in, and then when I finally got up, my mom lured me downstairs with bacon.


My dad had purchased a rose for me.

He gave one to my mom as well, as he does on every 18th of the month.

In the evening, we went out to dinner.

Here I am with Anastasia (left) and Louisa from Nigeria, who is staying with us.

This is Nastia explaining to Dad how she wants a "non-traditional" wedding song for when they're walking in together. He's listening and processing this information.

Here is the group: Shawn (Nastia's fiance), Nastia, me, Louisa, Emily, Mom, Dad

I decided to have a strawberry dessert since they're in season and I don't get fresh strawberries much in Russia.

I can't photograph all of the e-mails, phone calls, and other messages. But they were appreciated. Thanks, everyone!


  1. Congrats!

    You guys all look so great!

    I have a question though, what does your dad's "Happy 430th!" signify?

    Oh, and c'mon, Liz, there are plenty of fresh strawberries in Russia!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday, dear blog friend!

    You really enrich my life.

    [OK - every 18th of the month? Why? Whatever the reason, your mom is very fortunate to have such a thoughtful, romantic husband.]

  3. Thanks!

    35.something yearsx12months=430

    They were married on the 18th of the month!

  4. С наступившим днём рождения! :)

  5. Спасибо большое!


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