Friday, June 5, 2009

Jet-lag therapy

Some activities for getting over jet-lag:

1) Creative expression (But don't try anything elaborate if you are feeling testy; you will end up blowing up over things like glue consistency)

2) Seeking beautiful places

3) Communing with Nature (chipmunks are harder to capture on film than squirrels)

4) Mailing letters (Looks like someone else decided to express himself)


  1. The "beautiful place" is an AMAZINGLY beautiful place! Gorgeous! That would cure me of almost any unsettledness.

  2. It's called the "Secret Garden." :)

  3. Liz, I have a very great idea for you. But, again, I will, probably, be laughed at. Well, that's ok, I will still suggest it to you.

    You see a jet-lag is believed comes mostly from the extreme noise that comes from the jets rather than from the time change and the stress experienced during a flight. When you are exposed to the noise the jet produce for several hours, chances are you will be sick for a while afterwards. So... what can be done with the noise? Of course the Bose Noise Reduction Headphones can help you!

    Check 'em out. Buy ones somewhere on the Web. Will cure the jet-lag like majic.

  4. That's an interesting idea! I am not sure if the noise from the plane is the main source, but changes in light and noise certainly affect both sleeping on the plane and sleeping in a new place. If you can block out distractions, it's easier to convince yourself that it's time to sleep. I'm pretty much over jet-lag by now, but I'll try something similar when I go back.

    Studies have shown that it's worse flying east than flying west.

  5. Do NOT go back. The country you should consider should be one of the Eastern European ones. Or the US.

    Why should I keep posting these messages here if you do not heed to them in any fashion? I will quit. Soon. Fight your battles on your own if you wish.

  6. Vitali, you have made yourself very clear and actually sound a bit like a broken record. I don't know why you have made it your personal mission to keep me away from Russia, but I don't agree with your reasoning. So if that's the only thing you have to say, you can stop.

  7. На первой фотографии творческий беспорядок? :)

  8. Мой типичный modus operandi. :)


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