Monday, January 26, 2009

Introductions, part 2

It's time to continue with my list of favorite blogs and why I read them. Read part 1 here.

The following are a few sites in Russian that I personally recommend. They provide an opportunity to get a taste of Russian culture from the perspective of Christians who live there.

1) Mimohodom is the website of my church in St. Petersburg. Features include movie and book reviews, articles on matters concering the church, observations about society, and helpful links.

2) Andrey is one of the contributors to mimohodom, and has his own blog, where he writes book reviews, discusses philosophical and theological questions, and recommends interesting tools for personal discipline.

Here are a few sites maintained by adoptive parents:

2) Jill is the adoptive mom of Lolita, one of my former students at the orphanage, and blogs about Lolita's new life in the U.S.

1) I forget how Annie and I found each other's blogs. We must have a mutual blogging friend or something. Anyway, Annie is a Catholic mom who blogs about her adopted Russian children.

3) I'm just adding this blog now. Tim was a Young Life leader and they are in the process of adopting two little boys from Haiti. They could use your prayers!

And finally, here are some blogs that aren't related to me personally, but are fun to read.

1) Amy is the mother of six children, but that's not all she writes about. Along with entertaining anecdotes of her family's move to a farm, she provides a fresh outlook on many moral issues that Christians face today.

2) Recipezaar is my favorite cooking website because it has lots of photos, is easily-navigable, and shows ratings. I always sort by the highest rated recipes and then I feel like I'm getting something that has been well-tested. This brownie recipe is definitely a winner.

3) Boundless Webzine is a Christian singles' website sponsored by Focus on the Family. You can find articles about many current events, along with the inevitable questions that young Christians face. There are interesting discussions on the blog page, although you have to wait for comment moderation.

4) Young Ladies Christian Fellowship is self-explanatory, but they basically exist to encourage young ladies. However, they are careful with what they publish and the site is refreshingly free of the idle talk that sometimes infiltrates women's fellowship.

5) Biblical Womanhood is mostly about homemaking and child-rearing. Its author, Crystal, is always sharing ideas about staying organized, saving money, fostering spiritual discipline, and managing toddlers, all for the glory of God. I can't always relate to all her posts, but I'm storing up ideas for later!

So those are the blogs I read. Let me know if you have any recommendations or if you have a blog that I've somehow missed.

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  1. Ура! Меня тоже упомянули :)))
    Могу тебе подкинуть, парочку интересных блогов на русском из ЖЖ среды.


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