Sunday, January 25, 2009

Epiphany/90 days is a whole season

90 days is a long time. I was doing the math, and if I do have to stay out of Russia for 90 days, then I can go back around March 1st.

Do you know what March 1st is? March 1st is the first day of spring in Russia. That means that I, in effect, skipped winter in Russia!

(This photo was taken at the end of February a few years ago. Doesn't exactly look like spring is approaching)

So thank you, Russian government. It was very kind of you. However, I don't want to skip summer. So hopefully I will have a long-term visa by June!


  1. Very positive side of being home for Christmas! Missing winter would be what I would want to miss if I had to miss any part!!! We are just happy that we are surviving over here this winter!

  2. I should probably add that it's been very cold and icy where I am! Below zero F on a few occasions. So I'm not skipping winter entirely!


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