Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girly stuff

My sister Anastasia is getting married this summer, and I spent the day with her at a bridal expo. We don't get to spent a lot of time together, so it was fun. Nastia got to wear a sticker that identified her role in the wedding.

We went around to all the booths collecting information and free gifts. I dutifully sampled all the cakes while Nastia looked at brochures and interviewed potential videographers.

There were tons of products and services that I never would have even thought of. We saw dresses modeled on a runway, dance demonstrations, caterers, tooth whitening services, ring cleanings, midwife services (not kidding... but no demonstrations, thankfully), honeymoon tour agencies, fancy chair covers, hair/makeup artists, dj's, etc. We checked out a few limousines as well as a "party bus."

We also sampled a photo booth that you could rent for your wedding. You get instant photos of your guests which they can then potentially paste into the guestbook accompanying a note.

Here we are wearing our complimentary lei's that we got at a hula demonstration. I think it goes great with my Russian winter coat...

A mother and daughter were running a tattoo/caricature station. Nastia sat for a caricature while I sampled some more food.

It's not a very close resemblance...

I can see how it would be easy to get carried away. I could imagine planning a simple, frugal wedding and then hitting the bridal expo and getting tempted by all the offerings. I mean, how could I resist a chocolate fountain or a ride in a horse and carriage?

Even in a time of economic crisis, consumerism manages to prevail...

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