Monday, April 28, 2008


I have some exciting plans for the next few months. Goodbye, weekly schedule. Hello, irregularity and adventure!

1) No more teachers, no more books...The school year is ending! Ideally, I would like to treat my students to a picnic or at least a tea party in the orphanage! However, as usual, Russian holidays are throwing everything into a state of confusion. May 1st and 9th are holidays, and in order to allow for long weekends, certain weekdays in the next few weeks are going to be weekends, and certain weekends are going to become working days temporarily. Got that? So when can I go to the orphanage? The kids are leaving for camp soon...

2) Africa. I'm leaving for Congo on May 22 for my brother's wedding. Things I still have to accomplish before then:
-get a visa (impromptu trip to Moscow?)
-have my dress sewn from African fabric (currently in-progress)

3) June. Return from Africa, teach English, figure out how to renew my visa, other plans TBA...

4) July. Possibly going to summer camp with a missions team? It would be English-language based.

5) End of July. Leave for U.S., as Russian visa expires. I've been accepted to a TOEFL certificate program which will occupy the month of August. Then I will hopefully get a new visa somehow
and return to St.Petersburg.


  1. Wow, busy summer!! Will I get to see you in August? You will post pics of yourself in an African print dress, right? :)

  2. I guess you do have plans! That's almost overwhelming. But sounds fun. I hope you can keep blogging along the way.

  3. I hope you get your visa easily and are able to return quickly...maybe I'll meet you in St. Petersburg:). We are still planning on being there in the summer.

  4. Sounds fun! I'm sure the wedding will be amazing! When you are in the states email Lola with your USA phone number and we'll call you so she can catch up on news with you! P.S. We LOVED the videos of her friends from the orphanage. She misses Misha so much...

  5. Thanks for the comments, my African visa is still in progress. Prayers appreciated!


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