Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another birthday

I always thought it was weird that people put birthday dedications on their blogs. Why wish Happy Birthday on your blog if the person doesn't read your blog? Or if he/she is someone close to you and does read your blog, why are you congratulating him/her on your website and not in person?

But, I've decided it can't hurt to publically celebrate the birthday of someone I care about, and to thank God for this person.

Masha turned 21 yesterday. She's had a rough year, with jail-time and other struggles. We were happy to have her home for a short time at Christmas and hope that she will set down roots in a church family while she's living far away in another state. Pray for her.


  1. If you see her, tell her we wish her happy birthday from TEXAS!

  2. I wish Masha a happy birthday and a better year ahead. I will pray for her today.


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