Friday, April 4, 2008

New Family history, part 2- Direction

Part Two: 2006. Direction.

As we met and prayed, God gave us insight, sometimes in the form of a single word. We talked about Exodus, about a complete departure from the institution. We talked about children coming to know their Heavenly Father. We talked about needing to have a firm foundation for whatever ministry resulted. We began to write the vision on paper, and these were the goals which resulted:

-To provide permanence in the lives of orphaned children
-To facilitate opportunities for orphaned children to experience healthy family life
-To provide support for families who host orphans
-To foster long-term caring relationships between orphans, families and the community

One note I'll add is that we were specifically looking for ways to help Russian families. We do support American adoptive families through other programs, but in this project we were looking to form a ministry for local churches and families.

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  1. Those do seem like worthwhile goals. I hope that you can make good progress on these goals! God be with you.


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