Friday, April 4, 2008

New 90-day Russian visa restriction

Does anyone know how this new law is being implemented? It seems like a mystery. I know some people have gotten the restriction actually printed in their new one-year visa. But others have received a new visa without anything written in their visa. Does that mean they are exempt? Are there going to be any addendums to the law that will render some people exempt?

There are a few forums online that follow this topic.

My visa is still under the old law and therefore I can be here full-time, but I can only be registered for 3 months at a time. So every 3 months I have to exit (for any amount of time) and enter Russia as a formality for renewing my registration. I recently did this in Estonia and there were no problems. I think that they probably saw that my visa 1) is dated before the law was passed in October and 2) has no restrictions printed in it. So it didn’t look like they were trying to find all my entry/exit stamps and calculating how many days I had been in Russia. I don’t think. Who knows what they actually check?


  1. We are in the process of getting a student visa(can't blog about it yet, b/c all of our friends here don't know), and we know of this law. I don't think even the Russian gov't is sure how they are handling this? They seem confused too. I think only time will tell on this. We are going the student route b/c of this law.
    We are coming to St. Peter in July/August time frame to work with graduated orphans through a program called Road of Life in St. Peter.

  2. I am well-acquainted with Road of Life. :) Small world!

    I am also looking into getting a work or student visa when my current visa runs out.

  3. Cool! We shall see you then in a few months maybe:).


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