Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A rock and a hard place

I have somehow found myself in possession of an FBI background check that cannot be authenticated, for various reasons. I started the process back in the summer, got my results in plenty of time, and now...they can't be used for anything.

As I mentioned, there is now a new system and the FBI will authenticate if the service is requested with the fingerprint submission. So I can start over again.

The only problem is that I have to go to Moscow for new fingerprints...


  1. Arrghh. Are you just getting the prints again, or do you have to start EVERYTHING over again?

  2. Oddly, sounds like something I've been through - no! that was adoption paperwork.

    Just keep plugging along; that's the only thing for it.

  3. I'm getting the prints to start the background check all over again. The FBI will only authenticate checks initiated after Jan 25th. All my other documents are okay.

  4. Interesting that fingerprints might have changed since January 25th!

  5. The fingerprints are still good, but aren't being returned anymore, so for a new check I need new fingerprints.


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