Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Checking the calendar

Holidays. Overseas.

Whenever a holiday comes along, I try to remember where I was the last time I celebrated it; with whom; etc...

Last Valentine's Day, I was still in the States, where I had been since shortly before Thanksgiving.

I had just had my Debit card account hacked into.

I'm pretty sure Feb.14th was the day that I ordered a plane ticket, in anticipation of returning to Russia. Then I sat down to dinner with my parents.

Later in the month, I laid out some plans, some of which would be fulfilled, and others of which would be modified.

And now, a year later, it's time for plans again. continue/-

March 2010- Hand in application for Temporary Residency Permit (???)
Wait 5 months for processing (???)
June 2010- Student visa expires at the end of the month
Get new visa (???)

It seems like every week I get some sort of job offer, or at least make a contact. I can't really commit since I have to study at least until the end of June. Yet soon I will have to think about my next step.


  1. How good about the job offers! If you hear of any good ones for teachers, please send them my way.

  2. They are often looking for teachers, but don't usually offer visa support! It's only the bigger companies who are well-established enough to give you a work visa. And business visas are only for 3 months.


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