Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The weather report

Grrrrrrrrr. Blogger is loading my pictures for my other post sideways.

I will have to resort to Plan B and write about the weather. :)

I scoffed a bit when people were talking about a "blizzard" in St. Petersburg. But we did, in fact, get several inches of snow, which actually stuck. It is looking pretty wintry around here!

Of greater significance is the fact that today is December 22, which means that YESTERDAY was the shortest day of the year.

Spring is coming! :)


  1. Gorgeous photo! And it surely LOOKS cold. It radiates cold!

  2. Oh, good point about the 21st being the shortest day of the year! That's optimistic--the days will only get longer! :)

  3. I am so encouraged! I have been moaning and groaning about the short days. Now it can only get better!


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