Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nota bene

Without speculating too much, I do want to comment on the train crash that occurred last week between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Although this is no longer "front-page" news in certain places (such as the U.S.), keep in mind that this was a fairly serious event.

The BBC News reported today that an Islamist group has taken responsibility for the attack. Investigations continue. The injured are recovering; funerals are being performed this week.

It's uncertain what role the incident will play in future politics and relations between religious groups. But keep in mind that if you have friends in Russia, this might be something they've been thinking and possibly worrying about in the past few days.


  1. There was quite a lot about this on public radio for a few days but oddly no word about the "Islamist" group today. I wonder why?

  2. You have been very much on my mind since the bombing (with your mom's upcoming travel as well). Praying for miracles to occur in these tenuous times, and for our faith to endure through them.

    Much love,

  3. Thanks, Debbie. You're always on top of things. :)

    Annie, it may be that it isn't confirmed. I find BBC to have more info than U.S. news sites. Putin seems to be taking the front stage as far as investigating.

  4. I thought, "how nice that you have a friend Debbie who knows AND cares that you have a mother traveling to see you"!!! :-)


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