Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ward 9 roommates

My mom and I went to visit Nastia's mother. As usual, the trip was a bit complicated, though not necessarily stressful. It was about 2 hours in each direction.

Since it was winter, it seemed to take longer than usual to get down the winding road to the hospital. When we got there, it took us some time going up and down the stairs (with bags of groceries) to find the right ward. We remembered approximately where it was, but flu quarantines and construction created some obstacles.

Lena and her roommates were glad to see us. Even the nurse commented that Lena has been more at peace than a few years ago, partly due to knowing that Nastia is safe and well-adjusted in the U.S. Because of the construction, they had lost our contact information, so that had created a little stress as they could no longer connect with us. But now that we had shown up, that fear was gone. continue/-

After saying hello to everyone and looking at photographs, we took the time to have tea with the nurse, whom my parents had met when they approached Lena about adopting Nastia.

Of course we didn't leave without taking our group photo, as well as a little video to send home to Nastia. (Lena is the woman in the wheelchair in front of me)

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