Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trying new things

I have always been intimidated by the open-air market, for three reasons: 1) Having to speak Russian. 2) Unfamiliar hygienic conditions and business ethics (based on rumors I've heard). 3) The smell and sight of the raw meat.

Okay, that was my little confession. I get bored with the selection in modern supermarkets, and the conditions are probably not any better. A few days ago I was craving grape leaves, and decided to stop at a nearby market after class.

I didn't go near anything that would upset my stomach, and I actually liked seeing the bright arrays of fresh (?) fruits and vegetables. After inquiring about grape leaves, I was directed to the "pickled" section, where I found them without any problem.

I might have to return at some point for some herbs and spices.


  1. Good for you! My husband was always appalled at the street food I'd eat....and in retrospect, maybe it wasn't so smart. But I had some wonderful food and was the better for it. My favorite experience at the open air market was a fresh pirog. It was heavenly. The bread was great, too....

  2. It's Кузнечный Рынок, right near Dostoevskaya/ Vladimirskaya and the Dostoevsky Museum. The grape leaves are in the "Соления" section with the pickles.

    I had my "street food" phase, but even with no stomach problems it gets old after awhile, like fast food. Nothing beats homemade. I do like a fresh pirog, though.

  3. I loved the Ferias or open air markets in chile- everything was better there! But, I agree, never ever the meats.


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