Sunday, December 13, 2009

Picture post

It's Sunday. Time to take a break from thinking and post some photos! Actually, that's not quite true...I have to study for a test. :( But nevertheless, it's good not to be glued to the computer.

Teaching English at the orphanage...

more photos/-

A typical downtown scene.

A night scene with New Year's decor.

With church friends at McDonald's. Where else? :)


  1. Are your church friends Russians, or missionaries, or a mix, or what? How did you find your church?

  2. I like your picture posts.

    It looks really cold, considering that it is +20C in Tallahassee right now. But the weather here varies greatly. Tomorrow it can be close to 0C.

    Do you think you will ever speak Russian fluently?

  3. They are Russian. I visited the church with a mutual friend and decided to stay. :)


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