Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An (un)productive mind?

It's amazing how little there is to write about when you don't do a lot of reading. No input=no output. While writing topics don't always correlate with what we read about, the act of reading still does a lot to keep the mind sharp. That's what I tell myself, anyway. :)

Lately, my textbooks have doubled as my reading material. Not exactly the most enthralling topic to blog about!

Whenever I have a few minutes before bed and such, I read a little (in Russian) of "I Dared to Call Him Father,"an autobiography of a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity. I don't have too many Muslim friends, but I have enough that it seems worthwhile to read.

What are YOU reading?


  1. What am I NOT reading is more like it ;)
    I'm reading: "Lord Change My Attitude: Before it's too late," "Questioning Evangelism," "Finding Out Who You Really Are," and "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich."
    The first is required reading. So far it's pretty good.
    The second is a chosen book (but also found out it will be required. Score!). I really am enjoying this book. Great insights into evangelism.
    The third is for a study that we'll be doing at church with the girls. It's geared towards high school or maybe a bit younger girls.
    And the last is for my "light reading." Light indeed! It's a rather heavy look into the Russian mind. The language is a bit much for me, but I'm reading it anyway. I spoke with my Russian teach about it today. She said that it was something that students were required to read in school.

  2. What an intriguing book that must be--while I can't read it in Russian, is it in English too?
    I am reading a Marriage book, a fiction book, my Bible, The Hole in the Gospel(when I remember to pick it up and do). I think that's it for me.
    Enjoy your Russian tidbits on your blog!

  3. I am currently (re)reading "When People are Big and God is Small" by Td Welch.. I would highly recommend anyone to read this book, and I plan on reading it atleast once a year. Its put out by the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation and its a biblical and practical look at fear of Man and our lack of fear of God.

    Also reading "On Being a Missionary" by Thomas Hale. Just a textbook from my sisters bible college, but its really interesting and practical, and I love it!

  4. Karen, that is the original title of the English edition.

    Alissa, I have heard of both of those but can't remember if I read them or what my impressions were. I have seen the second one around but I'm not sure if anyone I know has a copy of the Welch one.

    Sacha, the only one of yours that I read is the last one. I will have to check back with you about the others!


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