Monday, October 26, 2009

The church and the opposite sex

The last dating scenario I posted was a bit dismal. To remedy that, I'd like to share a great 2-part sermon from Josh Harris.

He provides some sound biblical principles for relating to the opposite sex as Christians. It's helpful for both single and married church members, but emphasizes the current dating situation in the modern church.

Part one focuses more on singles, and part two focuses on what the church can do to support them.

I couldn't find the transcript anywhere, but you can follow the link and listen to the audio file. It's quite user-friendly.

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  1. V...................October 27, 2009 at 6:18 AM

    I wouldn't recommend Josh Harris' book(s) to anyone. He is just not right. Just because it has worked out for him doesn't mean it will work out for even a few people. When I worked for a book company we sold his "I kissed dating good-by" or something like that and I remember thinking back then: "What a heresy!"

    He was on James Dobson's show one time and even Dobson was very careful how he introduced him. He said something like: His (Harris') views on dating should not be accepted as a norm.

    I personally think his views are bizarre when it comes to Christian dating. I cannot imagine dating someone without touching or kissing her. That's just part of what makes this life beautiful. The Song of Songs comes to mind. Has he ever read it? I am sure he did. He is probably afraid of the opposite sex and was lucky that he met a woman (his wife now) who was WAY more mature than he.


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