Thursday, October 22, 2009

An excuse to write

My conversation teacher knows that I am a Christian.

She has been giving us essay assignments lately regarding our opinions about various topics. I like these homework assignments because in class we often have to talk about trends that are typical in our home countries, or that we've noticed in Russia. It is not so much opinion as a list of observations. The "What do you think?" questions are much more interesting.

Last week, the topic was gender. I was quite glad to have a chance to get those thoughts down on paper :).

This week, we had to write about our dreams for the future. It feels natural to write and also to mention my faith in the process. These are all topics that I can't think about outside the context of the Bible.

I can actually enjoy writing in Russian now, in contrast to when I was in university and my language skills weren't as strong. It was a chore then to write, looking up every ending and verb form. Now I write more or less without a dictionary and can focus on the actual content.

The next assignment is to write about our approach to house-cleaning and "order." I have a few thoughts about that as well. :)


  1. Happy that writing is easier for you!!! Can't wait for that to happen for me! Great reason to write about Jesus!


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