Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A dream or not?

In the middle of the night, there was a sound. It wasn't coming from my alarm, it was farther away. I got up and realized it was someone at the callbox. I picked up the phone and placed it back on the receiver without answering, remembering how persons of "questionable character" had always tried to get into my old apartment building.

I decided to go to the bathroom while I was up. I opened the door and on the floor was a huge puddle. I decided to go anyway. Just then, the phone rang, and my roommate managed to get out of bed to answer it. I looked at all the water and realized that the phone call was somehow related. "There's water on the floor!" I grunted. +/-

I went back and collapsed on my bed. I checked the time. It was 5am.

The doorbell rang. We put on our bathrobes and answered it.

There stood a young man. "Okay, let's figure this out," he said. "There's water pouring into our apartment from above, and our power is out. He then went to check the apartment above ours.

I tried different-sized containers to catch the drip, but it didn't have a defined source.

Then there were some phone calls. A new drip was coming from the ceiling. The neighbors above us turned off their water, and we went back to bed for a few hours.

I dreamed watery dreams of swimming, sailing, boats, and fish.

In the morning, it had stopped. I was eating breakfast and my roommate advised me to take a shower in case they were going to turn the water off to do repairs. I abandoned my breakfast and ran to do as she had said.

I tried to work on the computer, but there was no Internet.

I called the transportation company, but there was no word on my metro pass. I wasn't in the system.

I headed out into the October sunshine to begin my day.


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Booo! Hang in there, friend!

  2. V..................October 7, 2009 at 4:28 AM

    Oh, boy, yesterday morning the main pipe in my apartment complex here in Tallahassee FL went out. (I am serious!). I went to work without taking a shower.

    Also, all my coworkers are African Americans. I do not understand half of the time what they are saying to each other or to me. But it's all fun!

    I think I need to start my own blog. "The Life Of An Old Grunt In The US". That's it!!

  3. It is definitely a different feeling living in an apartment building where these incidents affect a number of families all at once.

  4. Was it a "community builder" at all? Sometimes shared hardship will do that.

  5. No, I think we were all just ready to get back to bed. I think the 5th and 3rd floors probably had some discussion, but we escaped serious damage for some reason.


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