Friday, July 24, 2009

Red tape, continued

This is my series on pursuing temporary residency in St. Petersburg, which officially begins here, but has been mentioned in other posts under "visas."

The local police check seems to not be sufficient. Or if it were, I would have to find a way to get it apostilled.

After inquiring of a few different people, the consensus seemed to be that I needed to go through the FBI, but that it was "easy."

A guy at my church does background checks and was trying to find out for me, but he can only do them when an employer orders it. He can't independently run a check on someone, which seems to be the case with most agencies.

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So I did a little searching about getting an FBI check done on yourself, and it seems pretty easy. According to one site, all you need are:

1) The cover letter (which they provide)
2) Fingerprints
3) Payment ($18)

Send them to the FBI and it takes 3-4 weeks to process, which would mean I'd get it before leaving in September.

I just have to get through the wedding this weekend and hopefully on Monday I'll be able to see about getting fingerprints done.


  1. It shouldn't be hard to have the local ones apostilled, either. I certainly have succeeded in doing it frequently! The police station will have someone there who is a notary. Just have it notarized and if you are not near the Office of the Great Seal in your state, you can just mail it to them.

  2. That might be true. I'm just covering all the bases.


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