Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the town where I was born...

Actually, I wasn't born here, but close enough.

It's interesting living in a place where everyone "knows your name." That's a slight exaggeration, but it is small.

Today I kept running into people from church, for some reason.

First I saw a group ministering to the homeless. We had just prayed for them at a meeting recently, so I went over and said hi. As I was continuing on my errands, I thought about how it certainly wasn't my calling to witness to male drug addicts. At least, I think it isn't. But maybe I could bake some cookies or something since they said they often run out of food...


Then I was looking for a dress shop and walked by another guy from church who did some construction for us. I did not stop to say hi. However, I missed the address and had to turn around and go by him again. "Home's that way, Liz!" he called out to me. "Don't get lost!" I couldn't help but grin and thank him.


  1. That must be so nice...especially since for much of the year you live so far away from home.


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