Saturday, July 4, 2009


The black lab on the left, Max, is ours.


  1. Hey! These dogs don't look Russian! Are you sure you were in Russia?

  2. Aww...I love that black lab! :)
    I've been dreaming to have one like yours. Unfortunately, the owner of the apartment unit where we rent now doesn't allow any pets. :(
    So, I'm just waiting for the day when we move out of this apt to our own house, that I can have a lab puppy. :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. It's true, an apartment isn't a good place for a dog like a labrador. And I don't really like cats, so I'm okay with not having a pet while living in an apartment. I hope you get your wish someday, though!

  4. Oh Max looks so loveable! Do you live near a creek where he can swim? My labs only have a plastic swimming pool

  5. Ok, Liz, I know my posts are not welcome here, but can I, at least, be myself and say what I think without my posts being deleted, or me rebuked, laughed at? Thank you.

    I hate pets. I hate dog, cats. All they do is eat, poop, puke, stink and, yes, produce an ENORMOUS amount of stench. When I come to someones place and they have a dog or a cat, I want to run, because, normally, a house smell like pet's breath. Yak!

    Why do people want to have large and small dogs as their pets is beyond me. Oh, sure they look at you like you are the best thing in the whole world that has ever happened to them. Sure they love you like you are their god... but ...

    is it worth all the stench and pee spots and dirty couches and carpets they produce? They soil everything on their way. The answer in my mind is no.


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