Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A furry guest

I glanced out the kitchen window this afternoon and saw an unexpected visitor.

(The photo is fuzzy from zooming in) We called animal control just in case it was unusual for an opossum to be wandering around in the daytime. They said it was probably fine, but we should watch him to see if he's walking as though he's drunk. If he is, it could be rabies. But probably not.


  1. What is opossum? When I lived in OH we had lots of skunks. When I first moved there the smell from the skunks was so unusual to me that at first I thought it was a roadkill that no one wanted to take care of.

    The opossum looks like a huge rat on the pic. Is it what it is? (Sorry for my ignorance).

  2. An opossum does look like a cross between a giant rat and a cat (in my opinion). They carry their babies in a pouch, like kangaroos. You can look it up on wikipedia and learn more. We have skunks in our area also. And they smell the worst when they are roadkill.

  3. Interesting wildlife visitor for daytime hours.

  4. That's why we called animal control. I think he was just hungry though, not rabid.


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