Saturday, January 19, 2008

When it pays to be a packrat, Part 2

I notice that I haven't written a new post for a week. But, it's a wonder I'm posting at all, since I managed to delete some vital system files a few days ago and render my computer useless.

Thankfully, I had the installation discs! Never knew what they were for, never thought I would have to use them, but the situation arose. I popped one of the discs in and within an hour had a functioning computer again (although still-infected).

You might argue that it was a common sense moment, but in the mind of a packrat there is no prioritization of things rarely used (operating systems disc vs. used wrapping paper). Anything that might come in handy is worth saving!*

I dread the next time I have to move.

*Note: I don't regard this as a life principle, but it's the way I think. At times it is a plus, and at times it complicates my life.

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