Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunday school update

Our Sunday school class has finally progressed to...the New Testament! While the Sunday school teachers try to incorporate the salvation message into every lesson, I was privileged to be present at this second lesson about the character of Jesus.

At the previous lesson, the kids had learned about how Jesus loves children. This time, we talked about how Jesus healed the paralytic by the pool. Our message was that 1) the Lord heals and 2) He is near even when others do not seem to care.

After telling the story, we encouraged the children to follow Jesus' example. Suddenly the toddler had to take a bathroom break with the other teacher and I was left alone with the rest of the group. Searching for something to talk about, I asked the kids to share about a moment when Jesus had helped them when they were sick or lonely. There was only one brave volunteer. Next we began to talk about school. Was there anyone at school who was often alone? Why might that be so? Maybe there was a problem at home? Maybe the person was shy?

As we talked, I remembered that the parents of two of the girls in class are potentially going to become host parents for one of our orphans. I hadn't heard the girls' reactions to this possibility, but there we were, talking about what it feels like to have a broken family. I wondered if they would now look at their schoolmates , or at orphan, with new eyes.

We don't have a preschool class right now, but I have to say, the 3-yr old did a fine job of following the lesson. "The man was sick and Jesus healed him," she explained afterwards. Does it get any clearer than that?

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