Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Senses

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween in general, but it helps take me back to my childhood. I realized that I still have very strong associations, even having lived outside of the U.S. for 13 years (and being away at college before that).

These are some of my sharpest memories. Play along if you'd like! You could even think of yours before reading mine: What do you SEE, HEAR, TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL on Halloween night?

See: The orange glow of the jack o' lantern with the candle flickering inside.

Hear: The crunch of the leaves underfoot and the thud of the candy bar falling into the bag and joining the others. When staying home, the footsteps on the porch and the doorbell ringing....

Taste: The pepperoni pizza we used to order each Halloween so we could be free to "man the door." And of course, the candy.

Touch: The icky gooey pumpkin guts! And the smooth plastic wrappers of all the little candy bars we would sort as soon as we got home. :)

Smell: Leaves. Pumpkin spice is YUM but not Halloween-related for me.

Your turn!


  1. What a super-fun post! I AM going to do mine before reading yours, so I am not influenced.

    See: The unaccustomed sight of small clusters of people moving around the neighborhood in the dark....glow sticks here and there.

    Hear: Little voices saying "Trick or Treat".

    Taste: Homemade sugar cookies, decorated with frosting and sprinkles for the school FAVORITE cookie. Candy corn again, which I don't like/never did but eat anyway. (Near occasion of sin?)

    Touch: The texture of the goo inside the pumpkin as we clean it out to make a mixed with slippery little seeds.

    Smell: The good smell is fall leaves, all damp and musty. The bad smell is the sickeningly sweet smell of candy - especially candy corn in large quantities. Another bad smell I remember was the small of the inside of a rubber mask. Ick. I may have tried one on a time or two, but never wore one that I can recall.

    1. Does EVERYONE get pizza on Halloween??? We do, too!

      Just loved trick-or-treating with Monnie this year.

  2. I love yours! Funny that we both mentioned pumpkin goo. I remember trying to wear masks back when I didn't have contacts yet and had to wear glasses. Very foggy!

  3. The crunch of leaves. That gets me every autumn. I forget all about it and then, suddenly, it’s back.


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