Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September Survey/Selfie

Seasonal greetings...

What I've been...

Reading: Liar's Winter (Appalachian) by Cindy Sproles, Tanglewood trilogy by Rachael Anderson, Chamomile trilogy by Susan F. Craft

Watching: Zero time for TV!

Cooking/Eating: Homemade salsa (canning recipe), chebureki, mushroom soup

Listening to: Still the same! Super Simple Songs on YouTube-perfect for toddlers.

Striving towards: Being fit (see previous post).

Looking forward to: Decorating for the holidays.

What David is up to: Starting some craft/preschool type classes.

What Sophia is up to: Copying, climbing, getting into everything.

Your turn!


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  2. I thought I completed the quiz here, but I guess not.

    Reading: Be Healed by Bob Schuchts AMAZING!

    Watching: Ditto - NO time for TV. (I wish!)

    Cooking/Eating: My Hello Fresh boxes. PERFECT! I love this and need to blog about it.

    Listening to: the first Harry Potter book on tape....So well read in the Audible version.

    Striving towards: Actually working half-time

    Looking forward to: Actually working just half-time

    What Monnie is up to: Her first experiences without me, or someone in the family. Sunday School (though I'm in the building, I'm not in the room!) and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd once a week.

    1. I may have put some of these things in last month's entry....as you can tell things are not changing too fast!

    2. David is just stepping out into independence, as well. He is attending his first classes by himself. He still doesn't attend Sunday School by himself, though he'd probably be fine! Yes, I believe some of your answers sound familiar.


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