Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Survey/Selfie

Been doing a lot of survey-like posts lately, but had to get this monthly one up!

In the blue room.

What I've been...

Reading: Elisabeth Elliott books and biography, "No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers"

Watching: Still no time for TV! David has been watching "Martha Speaks."

Cooking/Eating: Pumpkin bread (onceuponachef recipe), stir-fry, pizza, apple cake (bhg recipe)

Listening to: "Holy Spirit" (Kari Jobe?), "Try" (Pink), "Waters of Babylon" (remake of Don McLean)

Striving towards: Getting the house a little cleaner. Also getting more sleep.

Looking forward to: Baking once the house is cleaner (it's lunchtime so I've got an agenda).

What David is up to: Inventing his own form of multiplication...or algebra? He was sitting there saying "what's 2 fives plus 1 five?" and counted it all out on his fingers.

What Sophia is up to: Dropping her second nap (aka not sleeping at night), clapping, stomping, waving, climbing, sweeping the floor, being generally adorable and feisty.

Your Turn!


  1. Reading: Finished reading "Little House in the Big Woods" with Monnie - her first "Chapter Book Read Aloud!"

    Watching: No time for TV, unfortunately....I am longing for my Nordic Noir. Instead watching youtube videos that might work for classes.

    Cooking/Eating: I made Buttermilk pies before the kitchen got made unworkable in the "re-do". Now...mostly nothing.

    Listening to: Monnie and I listen to lively Praise and Worship music all the way to Fenton whenever she goes with me. Waves of Mercy being our mutual favorite.

    Striving towards: Organization at work and home, which means everything is totally destroyed and torn up at both places!

    Looking forward to: Having the kitchen done! Oh, it will be so amazing!

    What Monnie is up to: Very elaborate and baroque art projects. Memorizing prayers such as the Hail Mary and Our Father...rhyming everything she says, and making it into a song.

    What Anastasia is up to: stressing everyone out in her efforts to cope with the October "Traumaversaries".

    What Sergei is up to: Complaining non-stop about back pain....which arose just as he lost his insurance (via my job change) he's got to apply for Medicaid. Awful timing.

    What Maxim is up to: Working part time on the grounds at the hotel, where he was working many more hours indoors. He seems to be able to parlay any job opportunity into less than it might have been. Frustration!!!

    1. I liked your answers, never got to reply. You inspired me to try some chapter books with David. We started out with Rudyard Kipling and he did okay. Now we're on Christmas books, though. Are you renovating your kitchen?


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