Thursday, October 19, 2017

Things open in my browser

Not lacking in blog post ideas, just thought this was a fun game to play if you're the type to have multiple projects going at once.

Apparently I've been filing away ideas for future shopping trips or even places to live/vacation.

-Gmail inbox
-Real Estate in Bulgaria (don't ask)
-Article about expat life in Bulgaria
-Kids' play kitchen on Avito (like Craig's List)
-Life in Bulgaria article in Russian
-Blog post I wanted to comment on, "She Builds Her Home"
-Blog post I wanted to comment on, "Bethany Vitaro"
-Carter's outfits for Sophia for 2018

I guess that shows my more materialistic side or something, but really it's just projects I'm working on that I give attention to for a few minutes at a time.

What about you? If you don't keep lots of browser tabs open, what's in your recent history?

My recently closed ones are:

-Christian radio station Теос (Andrei was on yesterday)
-Our church forum on VK
-Facebook (obviously)
-CNN article about #metoo
-Bulgaria vs. Russia
-Additional FB/VK tabs

Your turn!


  1. Oh, my gosh! You are so funny! What a great idea! OK -

    Ameritas, since I was trying to figure out how to pay for insurance online.
    My parish calendar, as I was hoping to plan an Advent Event.
    Tunics for me.
    Window cling that creates privacy, since we now leave the kitchen door open so the cats can go to the basement, it leaves anyone in the driveway able to look right in and up the stairs....
    Research on when "Eucharist" was first used as a word for Holy Communion.
    Apartments in Fenton.
    Houses for sale in Fenton.
    Casefile, True Crime Podcast
    Tutorials for Gorodetz painting

    Ecclectic, for sure!

    1. Bulgaria sounds much more interesting than Fenton!

  2. Yes, I understand all of those! I have a similar mix and my mom had a similar mix of real estate, technology fixes, creative projects, etc. Must be a certain personality type!

  3. I really want to hear about real estate in Bulgaria, mostly because you said don’t ask! I stumbled on your blog somehow. It caught my eye! I am a little verklempt imagining an American mom relocating to a whole new world. What’s it like?

    My browser:

    Isaiah 50:2
    A Nic Cage movie (Nationak Treasure)
    And this blog!

    1. Hello, I got your comment and forgot to reply! Well, you can look around on my blog to read what it's like. However, I lived in Russia as a single person long before I had kids. As a mother, I am at home a lot and my life is pretty normal. It's probably the apartment living that is different. Sometimes I get wanderlust and do fantasy real estate searches in different places. I guess I was looking at Bulgaria as a place similar to Russia but with a better climate. But I read about it and realized that it's already been inundated with Russians, ha ha. And probably isn't cheaper. And has a high crime rate or something.


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