Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Near our house...

Landscaping project "Primorskiy Square"...
26 April 2014 "in honor of the annexation of Crimea."

 In the meantime, let's put up a plaque..

Coming soon to this spot..."Primorskiy Square."


  1. Whoa... well at least you get a new park near your house. Couldn't help but notice that you live in Primorsky district. Do you know that you have International Montessori preschool there?

    1. Yes, new parks are created fast when there is a good excuse! I hadn't heard of that school, is there a website? We might not actually need a preschool, so I'm more concerned about primary schools.

    2. I don't think they have an official website, but they do have a facebook page
      They told me if I want to find out more, I can come on Wednesday at 6:30 pm, there will be a meeting with their principal. We live pretty far away, so I'm not sure this will work for us, but I'm still very curious (it looks so great on the pictures).

  2. Well, I do know several people very glad about the annexation of Crimea; and hopefully you can be glad of a new park. A nice sign at least!!

    For the last seven years there has been a sign on the corner near us reading SOON to be a QUALITY DAIRY! Now the last thing I want there is another Quality Dairy, so I'm not sorry they seem to have been confused, but I do think it is rather amusing. Hopefully your sign will pay off sooner.

    1. It's a cute park, but the paths were already covered with "gifts" from dogs. Oh well.

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