Thursday, July 4, 2013

Next installment

Part One is here. Note that we are talking about real-life circumstances and not my dream sequence described here. :)


We had a date with the specialists.

As I mentioned, I was nervous about the details: about needing to quarantine items, about dangerous substances, about a few bugs getting away and continuing to multiply...and also about needing to clean for "company" (AKA the Bug Guys). Weren't they going to be going through every nook and cranny, like my underwear drawer? (gasp)

Well, David solved that one. He needed a nap, outside. Babushka had not arrived yet. I took him outside and the bug guy (there was just one) arrived soon after and got right to work. We had to stay outside. I was not involved at all. And that's when I realized...when you are too concerned with controlling everything, the best solution is to surrender control to someone else.

So we stayed outside while it all got done, and then all went and had lunch, and stayed outside for the rest of the day too, while the apartment was airing out.

How long ago was that? A week? It seems like ages!

The bug exterminator did NOT find anyone. No signs, nothing. Our bed was "clean." Maybe we never had "tenants," or maybe we were just in time. By the time you see them running around, you've got a pretty big problem. I count it a blessing that I didn't have any encounters.

I did get some more bites, only on my ankles, up to a few days ago. I think I've been bite-free for the past few days. There could be a few offspring somewhere, but the poison will continue to work, and for now it seems that we have won.

I still have doubts sometimes, thinking of all the ways they could come back. I guess in an apartment building you're never really SAFE. The bug guy said we're having an epidemic and that the warm weather is PERFECT for the bugs to thrive. You never know which of your neighbors are trying to drive out pests, only to have them seek refuge in YOUR home.

And so I realized that this is another area of my life in which to trust God. There are a lot of times I feel like a pilgrim, when we have to travel for one reason or another. It was a relief to become apartment owners, but in the back of my mind I sometimes feel God saying, "Don't get too attached to it." Whether it's bureaucracy, vacation, or a bed bug infestation, He reminds me that the only way to really feel at home is to abide in Him.


  1. Isn't it nice when we can learn these lessons - and almost the easy way... (At least in terms of the "bug guy"). Realizing your home can turn on you is pretty disturbing.

  2. Do the toxic plug-ins that kill mosquitoes kill bedbugs, too? I'd be surprised if they didn't! Maybe you could leave one plugged in near your bed while you're away.

    1. I know that they sell different ones for different bugs, but I'm not sure if that is a marketing gimmick or not. I don't think we could leave one plugged in long term, fire hazard maybe? But it does make sense to have something working while we're gone. Supposedly the poison got scattered into all the cracks and crevices and if anybody tries to escape, they'll run over the poison and die.


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