Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday #2

Last Saturday was Andrei's turn! This time last year we had been wondering whether or not he would have to share his birthday, but that turned out to not be the case. June 29th came and went, and no baby.

Homemade placemat encore
I don't know about other families, but it usually happens that if Andrei or I want to prepare a surprise for each other, the person being surprised has to take care of the baby, which sort of gets in the way of spoiling the birthday person, if you know what I mean. Here, corral the little one while I make a "surprise" dinner or whatever.

Just try keeping him occupied when he knows his other parent is doing something interesting in the other room! At least with Andrei's parents helping, the adult-child ratio is skewed a bit in our favor, so we all get to rest a little while taking turns with various tasks (okay, his parents do almost everything when they're over).

It worked out this time that Andrei was able to drop us off (via tram) at a new mall nearby, and I managed to do a little shopping while David slept in the stroller.

The birthday itself was the same as mine-a meal, then lounging around in the living room laughing at David, and then we snuck out to a movie.

Knee-level timer self-portrait


  1. Your placemat is sweet! Maybe you can keep it for future holidays - like those plates. I love the portrait - your in laws look like such nice people.

    Do they say David is like Andrei as a baby? Or is he more like you, or a mix?

    1. Hopefully at some point David will like doing crafts and it WILL actually be cute. :)

      David is pretty much all boy. His mom sees "Andrei" when he does his eyebrows a certain way, or something.


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