Thursday, July 25, 2013

1 and beyond

Summer in America!

David turned one at the exact time our plane touched down in Boston, which seemed a bit ironic. I've been as cuckoo ga-ga tickled excited as the rest over the birth of George (AKA the Royal Baby), but I'm quite happy to have a 1 yr old rather than a newborn at this point.

Skype call with Russian grandparents!

I think that's partly the way God designed our parental instincts, to be enthusiastic (and appropriately concerned) over our child's current developmental stage.

Andrei and I aren't really in a summer camp/ministry phase of life at the moment, so summer is a good time to do some traveling, mainly visiting my relatives. With all the hot weather we did start to feel like we should visit another time of year when we can stand being outside for more than a few minutes at a time. On the OTHER hand, having experienced a few St. Petersburg heat waves, I believe excessive heat is easier to bear in New England than in a crowded Russian city with long summer days.

I think the Russian walking culture has instilled some good habits in me. Normally when given the choice I would much rather read or write than go (waste precious time!) outside. But there have been times lately that I haven't known what else to do with David, and it has calmed him down. Just like other nourishing traditions, it feels like a kind of medicine.

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  1. Love that Russian walking culture....and wish we had it here! Well, I think we USED TO have it here. I want to say - FORGET THE CARS PEOPLE! IT ISN'T WORTH IT!

    I love that photo of your parents' kitchen. It is my idea of perfect.


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