Saturday, July 27, 2013

How it went

I might as well continue with wedding month! I've never really written an account of our wedding, and I think I'm going to do that now, 2 years later!

Part 1: In the Bridal "Suite"

The hairdresser came TOO EARLY. I think she was supposed to come at 8 or something, and came at 7 instead. I had planned to have a nice breakfast and suddenly had company. She told me to jump in the shower and get my hair wet...

The whole time I was getting my hair done, I was wondering how I would pay for it! I didn't actually have any rubles on hand and hadn't had time to get to an ATM. I did have some dollars, and a debit card. I picked up my phone, and saw a text from my mom that they were heading over to meet me. But when I tried to write back and ask about cash, I got an error message saying I was out of minutes. GROAN! So much for coordinating. There would also be no wedding morning texts for Andrei, oh well!

I started to get more and more nervous as the stylist got close to being done. I also had no way of knowing whether my mom and the other girls were lost or not.

Finally, I heard some knocking and went to open the outer door to find my mom, sister, sister-in-law, nephew, and aunt all huddled together in the hallway. They'd made it!

A look outside revealed a cloudy/drizzly day, just what I'd ordered! The days leading up to it had been hot and stifling, and I was worried that I (and the wedding guests) would wilt. The cooler temperature was such a relief and I was even willing to get a little wet.

Our friend arrived in his mini-van a bit early to drive us, and pretty soon we were ready, too.

Time to head to the church!


  1. So I'm presuming your mom and/or sisters had rubles! What a silly think to have to associate with your wedding morning - but isn't that just how life is?

    1. I'm sure my mom did. But I think perhaps I was more worried about not having a phone to contact anyone. Still, I don't remember being overly concerned.

  2. Hi - My name is Deborah and I've had your site bookmarked for a long time although never commented. My husband, two daughters and I live in Chapel Hill, NC. My daughters were adopted from Russia (Ryazan 1999 and Kaliningrad 2003). I've been so interested to read of your life in Russia - a part of my heart is there and always will be as it is where my daughters' were born. My DH and I are also Christian...our church sponsors an orphanage in Slobodskoy and makes two trips there a year to work with the orphans. We sponsor two children there and I am a part of the Orphanage Care committee. Thank you for sharing your daily life and walk with the Lord!

    1. My parents adopted from Russia during that same time period. It's a shame that adoptions are halted now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was a fun post! You are gorgeous. It's hard to believe two years has passed since that day, I bet! Hope your visit home has been refreshing for you all :)


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