Monday, November 23, 2009

Reading in the digital age

Ahhh, books. We were inseparable once. I still occasionally fall asleep with a few books near my pillow.

But let's face it. As we move further in life, it gets harder to stop and sit down with a book. After all, once we get home, there is the computer...

I try to keep technology to a minimum. I have a cell phone (with no internet), and a digital camera that goes with me occasionally. But sometimes I wonder if I am missing out by not having a little screen where I could read books while on the go. I'm physically unable to carry a lot with me, and the light in the public transportation is often too dim for proper reading. more/-

A few electronic books came my way recently, and I thought...hmmm. Is it likely that I'm going to sit at my computer and read them? Maybe a few pages a day?

One of the books is a free download of Gary Thomas' Pure Pleasure. I liked his Sacred Marriage. I don't recommend Googling the term "pure pleasure;" there's some appropriate information here. :) The book sounds suspiciously similar to Desiring God. If I ever read it, I'll let you know...

I don't know what will happen to my reading habits with the rise of technology. I suppose I will eventually give in to modern trends.

But something about reading books on a screen is so...unromantic. :)


  1. Лиза, телефон с функцией читалки только глаза испортит. Нужна специализированная техника.

  2. I'm becoming a bit more technologically savvy....than one might think, knowing my old-fashioned leanings... But I can't imagine reading a book on a computer, either.

  3. Вот и говорю...не хочется приобрести новую технику. Мне хватит, но не все функции есть. Просто думаю о том, что мне нужен вообще. Или не нужен.


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