Friday, May 29, 2009

A Psalmist to sample

A few years ago, my mom introduced me to the music of Marty Goetz, a Messianic Jewish musician. His tunes are set to Psalms and other scriptural themes, and are quite pleasant and worshipful.

But what drew me in was watching his concert DVD. With some artists, what you get in concert isn't going to be much different from what you get on CD. But Goetz has a gift for storytelling and interacting with the audience. As he imparts knowledge about his Jewish heritage, it is clearly something he has not just memorized, but lived. I get choked up hearing him speak of holidays like Passover and Chanukah, and there is a reverance in his voice that testifies to his love for Yeshua.

Please note that I don't consider perfomance skills to be a mark of godliness. But if they are present, why not use them in ministry? God took a secular career and used it for His glory.

Check out Marty Goetz on YouTube, or buy the DVD, if you have the opportunity!

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  1. Here is one song that he sings in both English and Russian.


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