Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Glad I didn't take the tram today...

...there were about 10-15 of them lined up on my street as far as the eye could see, waiting for some sort of maintenance (you can see 5 in this photo. Or maybe it's 3 since a couple of them have 2 sections).

When I left the house again about 20 minutes later, they were gone, as mysteriously as they had appeared....


  1. Sorry to be on a negative side, but St. Pete seems to be so barren. Here in FL our nature is lavish with, well..., everything. Today I was in Bainbridge, GA, and, as humid as it was there, it was still so beautiful, so gorgeous.

    Thank you Jesus, for spending a little bit more time on FL and the rest of the South.

    So... were the people stuck in the trams as well, or did they have to walk or get other ways to travel to get to where they were going after those trams stopped?

  2. You just can't see the lilacs blooming to the right of where I was standing. :) Honestly, I love having different seasons. It makes me appreciate even the smallest signs of beauty in nature.

    I think the passengers either waited for the trams to start up again, or switched to a bus, as the bus stop was right there. They always let people get out in this case.


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